Sunday, January 01, 2006

Ringin' In The New Year

December 31st should be the party night of the year....well, at least that was my initial intention! Until, that is Kylie decided to get sick. So, change of plans. Instead of hanging out with friends, we had a family night in! I have to admit, we had a great time just the 4 of us. We played games and hung out even though Kylie was under the weather. She started running a 102 degree temperature (under the arm) and so we began the meds. Well, when she woke up this morning she was covered in an awful rash all over her body-torso, arms, legs, face. Her temperature still hadn't broke after 2 doses of ibuprofen, so I did the only thing I could think of-I called my Mom!
Of course, she is worried to death and says she needs to get to the doctor soon. Well, yes my children love to pick the holidays to get deathly ill-that way Mom really pays the big bucks for an ER visit. Of course, my workplace decided to change their benefits and now charge a deductible along with some changes in coverage...GREAT. If I had been the smart Mom, I would have taken Kylie last night! Oh do what you gotta do for your babies!
After the 2 hour wait in the ER waiting area, we finally got to visit with the Triage Nurse and luckily she had a heart...she suggested to the other triage nurse that Kylie be seen quick due to the rattling in her chest.
After we finally finished the chest x-rays, visited with the doctor, and waited some more, we finally received her diagnosis....or should I say MULTIPLE diagnoses.....borderline pneumonia, strep throat, and scarletina (who knows if the last one is spelled right-I didn't even know it existed until today!)
I must say after her injection of Rosefin, she seems to be bouncing back nicely. Now to get the next week's worth of antibiotics down her.
Other than that, today was a relaxing day. Weston and Kylie got new 70cc 4-wheelers this past summer and have only ridden them 2 times. Their cousin got one for Christmas, so I saw this as my shot to put the things to good use. Of course, Kylie was out due to illness, however Kyle and Weston loaded them and went to his parents' house where Weston's cousin would be so that they could ride them together. And ride is exactly what Weston did! He rode that thing for about 5 hours! He is very comfortable on it now....when he first received it, he was scared to death. This summer, he would let it idle, but he wasn't much for giving it gas and taking off. His cousin is more of a daredevil, so the challenge of keeping up with him is what Weston needed to get him out of his shell. He had a blast! In fact, he didn't even want to come home at 5 pm this evening. I am so glad to see that he enjoyed it. I know Kylie has guts, so I have no doubts she will pick it right up.
We watched The Perfect Man yesterday afternoon and I heard a quote in it that struck a chord in me.... "Love is friendship on fire." How true! Your significant other should be someone you call your best friend first. If you can't do that, how can you trust them with your heart? When I heard that quote, I thought about myself and a few friends. Trust is such an important piece to any relationship whether it be friendship, significant other, or family members. You can't have a friendship without trust and you shouldn't have a love relationship without it based on friendship. There's my 2 cents...and hey they didn't even cost you!
So, as you ring in the New Year...ask your friendship on fire?

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