Wednesday, January 25, 2006

My Back Hurts, My Back Hurts

So today I find myself flat on my back due to one of three things.....the continual fight of the gate to enter my own property...twice, or the huge collection of books required for this semester's studying, or my own lack of ability to exercise properly and frequently. Who knows? All I do know is the heating pad and I are best friends. This is the first time today I have been in an upright position.
Now to more fun stuff...Shannan has such a cool blog! So, once again I find myself utilizing her crazy little Q & A's in an effort to fill my blog.
So here goes with the next round:

5 Weird Quirks:

AAAHH, now this one should be fun. However, most of you that know me, know them!
Anyway, here they are:
1) I cannot and will not eat chicken on bread. Here let me define it more....2 slices of bread and one giant hunk of chicken between a chicken breast sandwich for example. Now, chop that chicken breatst into pieces (like chicken salad), and we're good to go. And I don't limit this quirk to just is actually any hunk of meat such as beef (except hamburgers), etc.
I just can't bite into a large chunk of meat, it seems cannibalistic (sp?), not to mention the grizzle...ICK!
2) I cannot and will not drink after anyone...anyone. I just get grossed out by the thought of salivia and backwash floating in the cup and can't bring myself to do it. I admit I have actually done this before out of desperation, however it was one of those moments that my survival instincts took over. I don't drink after my kids, my husband, no one.
3) My clothes are organized according to sleeve length first, material, second, color third.
4) Ok, this is getting difficult. Oh! Got it...I don't drink milk. No, not because of an allergy or general dislike in the stuff, but rather because to me, it tastes like it has a hole in it! (Stop laughing...)
5) And finally, my last quirk...hhhmm, thinking....well, suffering from ideas, so how about that I have to sleep in socks. Sorry, best I could do!

Ok, here's some more cool stuff on Shannan's site I thought I would do....

1) Item of clothing: Ok, gonna cheat here and split this into shoes and clothing.
My favorite shoes would have to be my camel-colored Steve Madden's. My favorite clothing would have to be a certain pair of Old Navy jeans.....
2) Place: Well, I loved Cancun and could definitely see myself there again very soon...(hey, how about May? :) )
3) Song to Sing: Ok, key here is "to sing," so I would have to say the one on Carrie Underwood's new CD...can't think of the name, but the one about keying her boyfriend's car,'s spunky, hard to keep up with and definitely sounds cool!
4) Hymns: As a kid, I loved to sing "Victory in Jesus" at church, also, "There Shall Be Showers of Blessings," and of course the "Old Rugged Cross."
5) Pasttimes: How far in the past? Ok, well, I love to shop, does that count? And as a kid, camping was fun, so of course when we all load up and go now, it's just as fun as ever!
2 Bonus Questions:
You wish others were: less judgmental....that's God's job, let's leave it to him. Because I have a feeling we've all got a few things we could be on trial for....
You want to be: able to not take things so personal...which I have to admit I am working on right now and doing a lot better at. It's just not worth sitting around worrying about what others think about you...who cares.

Ok, and if the above wasn't's some more useless stuff.

10 Firsts
1) Best Friend: Well, I would have to say Karla, my step-sister considering we've known each other for about 26 years now.
2) Screen Name: Mom2weston....of course it's changed but only because both kiddos are here now....good thing we're not having anymore kids, right? :)
3) Pet Named: I think this would be Spanky, a mutt I had as a kid that got hit by a car...that was so, so sad.
4) Thing You Wanted To Be When You Grew Up: I'm a grown up now? :) Ha! Just kidding, I wanted to be a corporate lawyer (ok, ok, the VERY first thing was to work at K-Mart, but I was young and naive then....)
5) Crush: Well, I guess we could give this one to my first boyfriend in 2nd grade...Bernice Wagner.
6) CD: Ok, I am old enough to have had cassettes, so it would not be fair, to say my first cassette....and drum roll, please.....Boy George (at age 5)....
7) Job: Well, first true job that Uncle Sam gave a rip about would've been waitressing at Western Sizzlin.
8) School: G-H-S, G-H-S...yep, one and only one.
9) House Location...Ok, assuming on this one it is asking where I first lived, so that would again be the big G.

1) Last Time You Laughed So Hard You Cried: Of course, my kids will be involved with this one. Guess now is the time to tell the latest story. The other night Weston was walking around asking us to, "Pull His Finger." (Not sure where this originated, but I know this one is NOT my fault.) Anyway, he gets to Kylie and when she pulls, nothing comes out. So, in her Kylie-way, she says, "Bubbie, you are all out of toots!" I died right then and there.
2) Last Food You Ate: That would be cheese and crackers...not a lot of go-get'um energy today.
3) Last Car Ride: That would be coming home from Tuesday night dinner last night....
4) Last Movie You Watched: War of the Worlds and right before it, Red Eye.
5) Last Phone Call: Kyle, of course...checking up on me. Oh, and I had to tell him that The Bangles were on the episode of Gilmore Girls I was watching....that was AWESOME! I LOVE the Bangles!
6) Last CD You Listened To: That would be Brad Paisley's "Time Well Wasted" on the way home from work favorite songs: "Raining You," "Time Well Wasted," "When I Get Where I'm Going," and of course "Cornography".....
7) Last Person that IM'd You: Carrie, you get the trophy here.
8) Last Song You Listened To: I think it was Sara Evan's "Supernatural"

8 Have You Ever's
1) Wanted to hit someone cuz U R mad: Well, of course...many times. However, violence is not the answer.
2) Had a random person wink at you: Yes, but I think there was something in his eye???
3) Wished Upon a Shooting Star and for what: Yes, I have wished on a few, however for what I can't remember, but of course at the time it seemed to be extremely important.
4) Been on TV: Yes, it started at the young age of 5 when I was on the Santa Show, and since then I think I have had a few spots with the whole pageant biz....
5) Given someone a random compliment: Yes, because I have seen some CUTE outfits out there!
6) Regretted a decision you made and what: Well, now what a question we have here. Like I was explaining to a friend awhile back, you don't regret decisions, you merely learn from them and attempt to move forward. Because I am sure there is always something you can take from the experience. Good or bad, that's up to you....I like to remember the good.
7) Yelled at yourself in the mirror: Yes, I think so...she was not looking or acting very good that day I believe.
8) Been on a date and with who: Ok, not a fair question here...had many of dates, married now. So how about we talk about the most recent. I went on a triple date last weekend with Mike & Andria, and Kelly & Phillip and we had a blast....
9) Been out of the country: Yep, Tijuana, Cancun, and Cozumel....Mexican junkie I suppose.
Wait a minute...that's 9, not 8....Ok Shannan, your Q & A's are faulty. :)

6 Things You've Done Today (and they are getting faultier as we go!)

Well, not the most productive day to list my accomplishments.....
1) Brushed my hair
2) Lounged on the couch with a heating pad
3) Watched a few epsiodes of Gilmore Girls
4) Ate cheese and crackers and drank a DMD
5) Blogged this stuff you are reading
6) Talked to Kyle on the phone
Wow! Busy day....beat that.

5 Favorite Things
1) My kiddos
2) My husband
3) Reading
4) Blogging
5) Taking pictures

4 Choices
1) Vanilla or chocolate: Both in a twist
2) Hugs or Kisses: Both again (Ithink I am not good at making choices)
3) Pens or pencils: pens, especially gel ones
4) CHAI or CHAI: What the heck is CHAI?

3 Things You Want to Do Before You Die:
1) See Spain
2) See my kids marry
3) Have a flat stomach

2 Funny Things:
1) Kylie
2) Weston

1 Person You Want to See:
I agree with Shannan, Jesus.

Well, there you have it....all you could ever want to know about me (or could care less to know....hey, then why are you still reading?)

Til tomorrow...

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