Sunday, January 08, 2006

Kyle's Departure

Well, Kyle leaves for the much-dreaded training this evening (that is, much dreaded on my side!). This means, unfortunately, I am outnumbered! It seems the kids always pick up on this factor when one of us is gone and seem to know they are the ones with the numbers. We are going to attempt to plan ahead by laying out clothes, packing backpacks and getting to bed early. I am sure my best efforts will be met with resistance. Oh well, it is only a short term absence, so hopefully I will have some small part of my sanity left when it is over!
We went to church this morning at our old church after a nearly 2 year drought from being there. We had been visiting my Mom's church, however I have never felt acceptance in the areas I need (small devotional group, social club, etc).
We really enjoyed this morning, well everyone except Weston that is. It seems the bump in his routine was a little more than he could handle (I am sure that combining that with Daddy leaving certainly didn't help). He went to "big" church and our couples' Sunday School class with us which was disruptive for Kyle and I as we were constantly playing entertainers and disciplinarians!
Oh well, his punishment was to not go and visit his grandparents' which made a big impression on him! Hopefully, next week will be better. We really enjoyed ourselves because the class is made up of a lot of different people than the last time around. I felt like there was an opportunity for new friends and acquaintances which is definitely a welcomed change right now!
There were several couples in there we had never even met which felt like new beginnings and exciting times to look forward to.
I saw a quote the other day at work that intrigued me.... "May all of your troubles last as long as your New Year's resolutions." Considering my New Year's resolution (well 1 of them) was to get back to working out and I have YET to make it to the gym (in my defense, I put forth an honest effort, however several mishaps last week prevented me from being able to work out!). That siad, my troubles should be non-existent! :)
Too bad all quotes don't ring true, huh?
I have started the Gilmore Girls series and I guess I will go for now to get a few episodes in before my husband abandons me for a week...leaving me to fend for myself against two very hungry little wolves! :)

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