Thursday, June 26, 2008

Parenting has its moments.

Well, two days later and Weston is still walking around with his mouth open and drool dripping on his shirt. He's sick to his stomach and can't focus on anything but that retainer. It's frustrating, it's sad, and it's annoying. All in one. I try to be understanding, but I only have so much patience for "Maw, I an hunwe. I wan dinna." AAAHHH!!!
Moving my other frustration. My back. I got my bone scan--and my L5 and SI joint lit up as I expected. But no one seems to want to fix it. And I have to go back to work next week with no cure. Sure I am feeling better, but that's not going to last long once I start lifting and driving and sitting and standing ALL DAY LONG. Keep in mind, my patience is not all there right now, so I just know there's going to be an eruption. Soon. I won't be able to contain my frustration much longer. Heck, throw in one of Weston's baseball games at the "church league" field in there and I am likely to be committed. Whew.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Gag Me with a Retainer!

Well, Weston's retainer came in today and let me just say that the day has been filled with drama, gagging, more drama, upset stomach, more drama, throw-up, crying, and finally a little drama. He's such a good kid, but when it comes to dentist/orthodontist stuff, he's awful. He hates the retainer--he says it makes him gag. The orthodontist even whittled away 1/2 of the thing in an effort to not have it touching anything but his teeth. Doesn't matter. He's STILL complaining. This retainer is only to move forward the front tooth that's in a cross-bite. And the orthodontist said that if he would wear it for a few weeks, that may be all he has to do. But so far he hasn't worn it 10 minutes. He's with his Dad tonight, so maybe he'll stay on his case and get him used to it. Goodness knows I tried.
I am going back to work next week....I don't know that my back is physically ready, but it's been a month and they still haven't done anything for it! I have to say though that my company is so understanding, so people-oriented that I am actually ready to return to work--I love my job! (Why didn't I find this place years ago??) But I am afraid that physically I will not make it very long if the doctors don't find some way to fix my back. We'll see.
Kylie and I have been taking cake decorating classes and we finished course 1 last night! Here's a picture of our very first cake!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Belly Bandit!

I am trying ANYTHING in an effort to keep Opie from pottying all over my house. The latest trick is called the "Belly Band" and my Mom found it at the local dog store. It basically a piece of material that you stick a maxi pad into and that way when he pees, its in the pad, not the carpet. Well, Opie in his true "I am gonna pout" form really tried to throw a guilt trip when I put it on him. He wouldn't move for 30 minutes. Then he held a leg up for awhile. Anything to get some sympathy. But I didn't fall for it. He's such a spoiled brat and has been in control lately. Well, I have to figure out how to get him back in control. So, this is the first step. My next beast to tackle is the "leash" issue. Opie HATES the leash. He literally goes nuts! It's actually quite amusing. Well, I have learned a few tricks to try in hopes of easing him into the idea. So, we will get him used to his new pants, then we'll try the leash!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Sitting, Waiting, Doing Nothing

I am home still. Still here. I have read everything I can get my hands, visited every website known to man and watched all movies since they were invented. Ok, I am stretching it a bit, but my point is I am bored. Yes I have plenty to do--the house is a mess, etc., but it's a little hard when you hurt.
Kylie called me today from Florida and she's having a great time. She got out in the ocean today and got on her boogie board. I am glad she's enjoying the beach. I miss that rascal tho!
This past weekend we drove up to Big Cedar and stayed the weekend with my parents. I was feeling a little better and then in the middle of the night my hip popped again and I could barely walk. Now I'm just stiff and hurt. No medicine helps. I am frustrated with it all--I would've loved to have seen more of Branson.
I bought Richie the Call of Duty:Modern Warefare game for Father's Day and he's having a ball with it. It looks so real.
Well, that's about all I know for now....

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Backing Out

Well, I am still home. Rotting. Waiting for my back to feel better. It's improving, but most of that has to do with the fact that I am doing nothing. I am NOT a good lazy person. I have so much I want to accomplish, but I can't do it because most of it requires more physical effort than I have to give. Oh well. I am just going to enjoy my time down and hope that when this is all said and done, I am pain free.
Weston and Kylie leave on Friday to go to Florida for a week. I am going to miss them. And I guess part of me is scared they are going to have so much fun that they will dread coming home. But, I want them to have a good time--I know they will enjoy the break from routine and monotony.
We are planning to go to a Cardinals/Cubs game over the 4th of July weekend--I think the kids will enjoy seeing St. Louis and watching a MLB game. I know my big kid (Richie) is excited to see his Cubs play!!
Well, I guess I don't have much more than that to write--told ya it was boring around here!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Kylie takes the cake!

Kylie was in a pageant last weekend and she won Audience Favorite, Most Photogenic, and 1st Runner Up! She did awesome! We were so proud of her. This is her first pageant, so she was a little scared and didn't walk around a lot on the stage, but she smiled great and had fun. She told me after it was over, "I want to do that again!" She loves getting dressed up and modeling, so I wasn't surprised to hear that she wanted to do it again!
Kylie has also been joining me in my cake decorating classes and she's having a blast! It's the cutest thing. It was an accident that she went the first time, but since then, she's having a ball--and not too bad I must say! It's been nice having someone join me. Definite girl-bonding time!

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Change of Plans

Well, I didn't go to Anaheim on Tuesday. In fact, the only place I went was to the hospital. My back has been bothering me for awhile, a LONG while, and I messed it up on Sunday. Well, Monday night, I finished off whatever it was I had messed up originally and I couldn't walk. I was screaming in pain Monday night when Richie was trying to lay me in bed. It was horrible. So, Tuesday the admitted me to the hospital in the hopes that an MRI would show what was wrong. They also did a CAT scan. Well, after a LOT of sitting and waiting the doctor FINALLY read the results. The MRI showed nothing. NOTHING. I was so upset. There is no way that NOTHING is wrong! However, the CAT scan showed a bilateral-spondololysis. I looked up information on it and it seems to be a big word for reinjuring an old injury. Which, the pain is in the same place as my old cheerleading injury. So, when the doctor comes back she concentrates on the fact that the MRI shows nothing and gives no credit to the CAT scan results. I was furious. She really had no idea what was wrong--but to give her a little bit a credit, she did forward me to a orthopedic specialist and a neurologist. Let's hope that we can finally get some answers and resolution!
I am home now and trying to just keep still and not move a lot.
Also, in other news--Weston broke his arm! He has a sub-periosteal fracture in his right arm. It only requires a sling for now--they are going to re-examine it 10 days.
We are one broken family!!

Sunday, June 01, 2008

Trampoline is Toast!

Well, the straight line winds, took the winds out of the kids' sails today! Their trampoline they got for Christmas traveled over 230 yards from our backyard to wind up landing in the big pond. They were upset and Weston informed Richie that it would cost $4000 to replace it. Ok, he's a little off on his pricing, but it is a costly loss in the toy department. We also had a tree lose a few limbs in the front yard and blow into the house, but luckily there was no damage.
While the boys were at home holding down the fort, I was busy shopping at the mall. I did some damage to the finances! But I had a few necessities to buy, so I guess that's the cost of living with me. You should've seen Richie's eyes though when he saw the receipt...priceless!
Well, I leave for Anaheim on Tuesday. I haven't been to Anaheim in 20 years! I am excited to actually get to go somewhere different for once. Our district has a dine-around one night, so it will be fun to get out and have a nice meal. Other than that, our manager has a busy schedule planned for us!