Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Gag Me with a Retainer!

Well, Weston's retainer came in today and let me just say that the day has been filled with drama, gagging, more drama, upset stomach, more drama, throw-up, crying, and finally a little drama. He's such a good kid, but when it comes to dentist/orthodontist stuff, he's awful. He hates the retainer--he says it makes him gag. The orthodontist even whittled away 1/2 of the thing in an effort to not have it touching anything but his teeth. Doesn't matter. He's STILL complaining. This retainer is only to move forward the front tooth that's in a cross-bite. And the orthodontist said that if he would wear it for a few weeks, that may be all he has to do. But so far he hasn't worn it 10 minutes. He's with his Dad tonight, so maybe he'll stay on his case and get him used to it. Goodness knows I tried.
I am going back to work next week....I don't know that my back is physically ready, but it's been a month and they still haven't done anything for it! I have to say though that my company is so understanding, so people-oriented that I am actually ready to return to work--I love my job! (Why didn't I find this place years ago??) But I am afraid that physically I will not make it very long if the doctors don't find some way to fix my back. We'll see.
Kylie and I have been taking cake decorating classes and we finished course 1 last night! Here's a picture of our very first cake!

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