Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Backing Out

Well, I am still home. Rotting. Waiting for my back to feel better. It's improving, but most of that has to do with the fact that I am doing nothing. I am NOT a good lazy person. I have so much I want to accomplish, but I can't do it because most of it requires more physical effort than I have to give. Oh well. I am just going to enjoy my time down and hope that when this is all said and done, I am pain free.
Weston and Kylie leave on Friday to go to Florida for a week. I am going to miss them. And I guess part of me is scared they are going to have so much fun that they will dread coming home. But, I want them to have a good time--I know they will enjoy the break from routine and monotony.
We are planning to go to a Cardinals/Cubs game over the 4th of July weekend--I think the kids will enjoy seeing St. Louis and watching a MLB game. I know my big kid (Richie) is excited to see his Cubs play!!
Well, I guess I don't have much more than that to write--told ya it was boring around here!

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