Thursday, April 30, 2009

Back to Bell!

Well, I couldn't stand it any longer. I missed Dr. Bell! Nothing was going right at my current doctor's office. In fact, I went to my family doctor for a second opinion. I decided that if I have to go to my family doctor just to feel good about my current OB's service, then something is definitely wrong. So, that was the straw that broke the camel's back. I spent 1.5 hours on the phone with my insurance company and found out who broke I am going to be by going out of network, then I did it. I went to Dr. Bell's office and scheduled an appointment. And I haven't regretted my decision one bit. I just feel more confident knowing he is familiar with me and my pregnant self!
So far, I am up 9 pounds! I am at 17 weeks, so I feel like that's not too bad. A little more than I would like, but it could be worse. I don't know how much I had gained at this point with the other two pregnancies, but I will be able to find out when I see Dr. Bell. I get huge usually--I gained 50 lbs each time I was pregnant before! YIKES! I really want to keep this one around 30 lbs....hopefully!
Otherwise, baby and I are doing great.
The kids have officially started baseball season, but so far the rain keeps us from playing! So, hopefully I'll have some pictures soon!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Week-end Update

So, I have been meaning to blog all week and I never seem to find the time. Well, I actually have a few spare minutes since the kids are gone and Richie is at a fishing here's the blog full of the week's happenings!
The kids both started ball season this week with scrimmage games--and full blown season games start next week. It's a "sit back, shut up, and hang on" kind of month ahead with all the practices, games, and other stuff going on!
Kylie's team were cute to watch. Since it's teeball and there's a lot of first year kiddos playing, they are cute! They take all the info they learned in practice and "interpret" in their own little ways! Add the pressure of a "real game" and there's all sorts of bloops and blunders. Last night they played an all-girls team. They were pretty good, too!
Weston's team looked pretty good too. Evidently they faced the best team in the league last night and honestly they held their own. Weston needs to be a little more aggressive though! He's playing the "pitcher" role. Although, it's pitching machine, that position gets a lot of action. But honestly, he could get a lot more action if he'd get braver. He's out of practice, so I hope that a few more games and he'll be better!
Kylie also had another awesome accomplishment this week. She is working on her back tuck in gymnastics. Now, if you aren't gymnastics-jargon savvy, that's when someone flips over backwards without putting their hands down! She's still got a spotter for now, but I am just blown away that my 6 year old is learning how to do that!! Also, I sure hope it helps her feel more confident in her back-hand springs. She still won't do them in competition yet, so I hope that moving on will help her confidence level!
And, as far as kiddo #3, he/she has been moving up a storm this week. I also rented a fetal doppler monitor for home and I have got to hear the baby's heartbeat everyday! It's so neat to listen to my little baby in there and have a peace that things are moving along just fine! Only a few more weeks and we'll know if it's a boy or a girl. I am still betting on that it's a boy, but who knows?

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Isn't Insurance Supposed to be a GOOD thing?

I am so frustrated--I am desperately missing my OB doctor from when I was pregnant with Weston and Kylie. Why don't I just use him you ask? Because my insurance won't cover him. I thought having a female OB doctor would actually be better! She will "get it" and understand what I am going through, right? Wrong. I am miserable. I miss my Dr. Bell! And to make matters worse I know so many people pregnant or just had babies that get to use him right now! NO FAIR!
I tried to talk to my OB about my back troubles, the double knot in Kylie's umbilical cord, being put on bedrest while pregnant with Kylie, and the fact that I have NINE POUND babies in hopes that she would understand and have a little mercy and not make me carry until the bitter end. Not a chance. No mercy. Instead it was, "I know a good chiropractor, get better shoes, and knots in cords are rare." Well.
So, I went by Dr. Bell's office last week just to make sure that I wasn't somehow covered, there wasn't some "mercy rule" for previous patients, ANYTHING that would let me come see him. Nope. Not unless I want to pay a whole lot more money. And, since I am a guaranteed c-section, then I know my doctor bills will definitely be expensive. So, I just pray I make it through a LONG 9 months. Did I mention that my current OB doctor is now on maternity leave and I have to float between the other doctors in the office for the next 3 months. Yep, I don't even see my OB again until I am 6 months along! Doesn't really help with the bonding experience. I just haven't been very happy with my experience at all at this office, so pray my attitude changes and I can learn to appreciate this time. After all, it's my last time to be pregnant and I want it to be a memorable experience--in a good way!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Skipping Easter, but celebrating an anniversary!

Sunday was my and Richie's 1 year wedding anniversary! Yes, it also fell on Easter, so we made the decision that since the kids were going to be with Kyle this weekend, then we would just "skip" Easter and spend the day together. We had planned to go to church that morning, but neither one of us slept well at all with the storms going through overnight, so we missed church. My heart wasn't in it either since I didn't have the kids. I bought them Easter outfits, but didn't get to see them all dressed up! :(
Richie and I really wanted to spend the day doing something, but the weather was just awful. So, we went to Frank's in Van Buren for a late lunch and then came back home. Kind of stunk not to be able to do more, but Richie wasn't feeling well and the weather was just dreary, so we did the best we could!
Well, I am officially in my 2nd trimester. It seems like this pregnancy is flying by, yet some days I feel like I will always be pregnant. My morning sickness is starting to let up, but now I am just exhausted. I think being pregnant at 31 is a lot harder than it was at 24. I caught a glimpse of my thighs today and was mortified. I am only 15 weeks pregnant and already my body is losing its shape. I sure hope this weight comes off after the baby gets here. But, I probably won't get that blessing 3 times! It's just hard to have any gumption to exercise when you still have a slight queasy feeling and no energy at all.
Kylie told me that I was starting to get a belly the other night. She is excited about the baby and I think she will be such a great big sister. She told me she doesn't care if it is a boy or girl now. However, Weston is still holding out hope it's a boy so that he can have some friendly testosterone in the sibling realm.

Monday, April 06, 2009

Got Goals?

We are so pumped and ready to start building our house. We have a plan, some ground, and some great ideas, now we just need to start making it happen. I really hope we can start soon, but I want all my ducks in a row before we break any dirt. So, we are gonna continue to pray for the green light!
Kylie had a cheerleading competition this weekend and I have to say that my heart wasn't in it at all. They continue to finish last or next to last, so there becomes a point you can't find any reason to get excited about getting up early, driving for a few hours, then sitting and sitting only to get last place. Well, Kylie got some great news tonight--she gets to move up to the Junior team! I am really proud of her. She also did a round off, back hand-spring, back hand-spring, back hand-spring for me at practice too. She just needs a little more confidence to do it in competition!

Thursday, April 02, 2009

A Wonderful Surprise!

Well, I had my OB appt today and I had a pleasant (and unexpected) surprise! After the normal check-up by the doctor and Q&A session, she attempted to listen to the heartbeat...but she couldn't find it. So, she sent me in for an ultrasound to confirm the heartbeat. I was a little nervous, but honestly I wasn't too bad because I have felt some light movement and pressure, so I know something has been going on in there. So, I went to the ultrasound room and I got to see my baby! And this time it looks like a baby! :) Turns out, the baby was on its tummy and curled up, so that's why they couldn't get the heartbeat with the external doppler. He (or she) squirmed around a little during the ultrasound, then stuck its thumb in its mouth! Too cute! That's when the tech snapped a picture for me to keep. It was such a pleasant surprise to actually get to see the baby. I called Richie as soon as the appointment was over and drove all the way to his work to show him the picture! I was grinning ear to ear all the way there. I am so much more relaxed now that I can tell the baby is developing normally and looks great. The heart rate was excellent too at 171 bpm. My cystic fibrosis screening was also negative, so that's another great blessing as well.
Praise the Lord for a great day full of surprise and blessing!