Sunday, April 19, 2009

Isn't Insurance Supposed to be a GOOD thing?

I am so frustrated--I am desperately missing my OB doctor from when I was pregnant with Weston and Kylie. Why don't I just use him you ask? Because my insurance won't cover him. I thought having a female OB doctor would actually be better! She will "get it" and understand what I am going through, right? Wrong. I am miserable. I miss my Dr. Bell! And to make matters worse I know so many people pregnant or just had babies that get to use him right now! NO FAIR!
I tried to talk to my OB about my back troubles, the double knot in Kylie's umbilical cord, being put on bedrest while pregnant with Kylie, and the fact that I have NINE POUND babies in hopes that she would understand and have a little mercy and not make me carry until the bitter end. Not a chance. No mercy. Instead it was, "I know a good chiropractor, get better shoes, and knots in cords are rare." Well.
So, I went by Dr. Bell's office last week just to make sure that I wasn't somehow covered, there wasn't some "mercy rule" for previous patients, ANYTHING that would let me come see him. Nope. Not unless I want to pay a whole lot more money. And, since I am a guaranteed c-section, then I know my doctor bills will definitely be expensive. So, I just pray I make it through a LONG 9 months. Did I mention that my current OB doctor is now on maternity leave and I have to float between the other doctors in the office for the next 3 months. Yep, I don't even see my OB again until I am 6 months along! Doesn't really help with the bonding experience. I just haven't been very happy with my experience at all at this office, so pray my attitude changes and I can learn to appreciate this time. After all, it's my last time to be pregnant and I want it to be a memorable experience--in a good way!

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