Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Skipping Easter, but celebrating an anniversary!

Sunday was my and Richie's 1 year wedding anniversary! Yes, it also fell on Easter, so we made the decision that since the kids were going to be with Kyle this weekend, then we would just "skip" Easter and spend the day together. We had planned to go to church that morning, but neither one of us slept well at all with the storms going through overnight, so we missed church. My heart wasn't in it either since I didn't have the kids. I bought them Easter outfits, but didn't get to see them all dressed up! :(
Richie and I really wanted to spend the day doing something, but the weather was just awful. So, we went to Frank's in Van Buren for a late lunch and then came back home. Kind of stunk not to be able to do more, but Richie wasn't feeling well and the weather was just dreary, so we did the best we could!
Well, I am officially in my 2nd trimester. It seems like this pregnancy is flying by, yet some days I feel like I will always be pregnant. My morning sickness is starting to let up, but now I am just exhausted. I think being pregnant at 31 is a lot harder than it was at 24. I caught a glimpse of my thighs today and was mortified. I am only 15 weeks pregnant and already my body is losing its shape. I sure hope this weight comes off after the baby gets here. But, I probably won't get that blessing 3 times! It's just hard to have any gumption to exercise when you still have a slight queasy feeling and no energy at all.
Kylie told me that I was starting to get a belly the other night. She is excited about the baby and I think she will be such a great big sister. She told me she doesn't care if it is a boy or girl now. However, Weston is still holding out hope it's a boy so that he can have some friendly testosterone in the sibling realm.

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