Friday, April 24, 2009

Week-end Update

So, I have been meaning to blog all week and I never seem to find the time. Well, I actually have a few spare minutes since the kids are gone and Richie is at a fishing here's the blog full of the week's happenings!
The kids both started ball season this week with scrimmage games--and full blown season games start next week. It's a "sit back, shut up, and hang on" kind of month ahead with all the practices, games, and other stuff going on!
Kylie's team were cute to watch. Since it's teeball and there's a lot of first year kiddos playing, they are cute! They take all the info they learned in practice and "interpret" in their own little ways! Add the pressure of a "real game" and there's all sorts of bloops and blunders. Last night they played an all-girls team. They were pretty good, too!
Weston's team looked pretty good too. Evidently they faced the best team in the league last night and honestly they held their own. Weston needs to be a little more aggressive though! He's playing the "pitcher" role. Although, it's pitching machine, that position gets a lot of action. But honestly, he could get a lot more action if he'd get braver. He's out of practice, so I hope that a few more games and he'll be better!
Kylie also had another awesome accomplishment this week. She is working on her back tuck in gymnastics. Now, if you aren't gymnastics-jargon savvy, that's when someone flips over backwards without putting their hands down! She's still got a spotter for now, but I am just blown away that my 6 year old is learning how to do that!! Also, I sure hope it helps her feel more confident in her back-hand springs. She still won't do them in competition yet, so I hope that moving on will help her confidence level!
And, as far as kiddo #3, he/she has been moving up a storm this week. I also rented a fetal doppler monitor for home and I have got to hear the baby's heartbeat everyday! It's so neat to listen to my little baby in there and have a peace that things are moving along just fine! Only a few more weeks and we'll know if it's a boy or a girl. I am still betting on that it's a boy, but who knows?

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