Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I'm Packin'....

I honestly never thought that this time last year I would be packing up the house! It still seems a little surreal, but I am so ready for what the future holds! I have been up to my ears packing, moving small loads, house plans, deed filing....you name it, I'm doing it. Add all of that stuff to working and 3 children and I am beyond worn out! I honestly think it was a lot easier to move while I was pregnant than with a 1 year old! Whatever I pack, he unpacks. Or, he adds toys to boxes I am packing--I am constantly dragging out random stuff he has thrown in the box!
We really have to try and get the majority of our stuff moved over the weekend and the weather forecast is NOT cooperating! Last look showed rain for this weekend...UGH. So, I am gonna take a day of vacation and try to get a head start on packing so that we can move as much as possible between now and then. So, if anyone wants free pizza--Call me!! All you have to do is grab a box and start packing/loading! :)

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Racin' For the Cure

After work yesterday, the three of us girls loaded up and headed to Little Rock for the Susan G Komen Race for the Cure. It was such an awesome experience! I have never seen that many people run at one time and the entertainment along the race path was so neat! I think my favorite out of the school bands, live bands, radio stations, belly dancers, fire fighters in pink gear, etc was the choir of about 30 or so little black boys around 4-6 years old....so cute and boy could they sing! My race time was horrible (so bad I'm not going to say it!) but in our defense we couldn't run for awhile there was so many people there! We decided at the beginning of the race to just have fun and enjoy the experience!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Landen's First Steps!

Landen has been taking one or two steps here and there--but not very balanced. Well, tonight he has been walking everywhere! He is taking 4-6 steps at a time and even turned and walked. You can see he is finally getting his balance. Too cute! The whole family was in the kitchen when it happened and all of us just started screaming and clapping--I think we scared him!
Yeah Landen!! :)

Landen's First Birthday Party

Landen had such a great first birthday party! Baby Kaden, Addison, and Peyton were there along with all of the family to help him celebrate. I made a slideshow of his first year that literally made me cry! Have you heard the new Brad Paisley song, "Anything like me?" Such a perfect little boy slideshow song! He loved all of his gifts and has thoroughly enjoyed his red wagon that my parents and brother bought him! Here's some pics from the party!

The babies
The babies in Landen's new wagon!
Landen opening some presents
And figuring out that he enjoys the tissue paper as much as the gift!
Captain Wolford in his new police car!
Landen's birthday cake (for the rest of us)!
This was Landen's own cake--he had such a blast eating it!!

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Ask, and ye shall receive.....

So, on September 10th, we put our house on the market. We fully expected to not sell it until April or May and honestly in this market, that was wishful thinking. Well, 3 weeks to the day (October 1st), we are under contract and if all goes smoothly, we will close at the end of the month. WHAT? Yep, we have sold our house. I. am. not. ready. I thought I had months to clean out the garage, get a perk test and survey on our land where we will be building, work with the bank on a loan.....and on and on. Now, I am busy, busy. But I think I have impressed my husband. In just 3 days, I have a perk test scheduled, land survey scheduled, rented a place, rented some storage, moved 3 small loads, and a meeting with a potential builder on the books. Not to mention a lady on hold to draw the plans.....I don't waste time! :)
And did I mention this was all while I was planning and hosting Landen's 1st birthday party? Yep, it's been a little crazy! I'll get some pics from the party up soon!

Saturday, October 02, 2010

5k #2 for me!

Today was my 2nd 5k race! I ended up shaving 4 1/2 minutes off of my last time! I was so excited to know that running so much the last 3 months since my first race has paid off. Mer is an awesome "trainer"! However, I'm a little injured, so I was disappointed in how I felt--got tendinitis in my leg and had to get shots in my hips for some sort of tendinitis there too--I feel like an 80 year old woman!! Speaking of Mer, we sure missed her at the race, but Laura and I had such a great time....and that Laura is SO fast--she finished a good two minutes in front of me. Had a great time with you Laura! Love ya! Can't wait for Little Rock!
And I also saw my Uncle Lionel there! He beat me, but I told him I would get him next time!

Me and Laura after the race--how does this girl look so cute after 3.1 miles?
Me at the finish line--SO worn out!
Me and Uncle Lionel