Saturday, October 02, 2010

5k #2 for me!

Today was my 2nd 5k race! I ended up shaving 4 1/2 minutes off of my last time! I was so excited to know that running so much the last 3 months since my first race has paid off. Mer is an awesome "trainer"! However, I'm a little injured, so I was disappointed in how I felt--got tendinitis in my leg and had to get shots in my hips for some sort of tendinitis there too--I feel like an 80 year old woman!! Speaking of Mer, we sure missed her at the race, but Laura and I had such a great time....and that Laura is SO fast--she finished a good two minutes in front of me. Had a great time with you Laura! Love ya! Can't wait for Little Rock!
And I also saw my Uncle Lionel there! He beat me, but I told him I would get him next time!

Me and Laura after the race--how does this girl look so cute after 3.1 miles?
Me at the finish line--SO worn out!
Me and Uncle Lionel

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Jennifer said...

Good Job, that is awesome!!!