Thursday, September 30, 2010

Happy Birthday, Landen!

Today is Landen's FIRST birthday! This day just seems so seems like he was just born! He is definitely showing signs of being a toddler. He has several, several words and will attempt to say anything you say. Kylie said, "alligator" the other day and it was hilarious what came out of his mouth as he tried to say it!
He can say his name very good and he even does an imitation of his Daddy when his Daddy yells his name as he's getting in trouble. I had tears in my eyes the other day when he did it. Landen will drop his chin to his chest and in the deepest voice he can do with his lips puckered out, he yells, "LANDEN!" It is the funniest thing!
He's not walking on his own yet, but he tries to stand up in the middle of the floor with nothing around from a seated position. He has let go of things several time and stood by himself for a few seconds, so I know it won't be long. He slept SO good last night--ALL night! It was so nice! But, for the most part, he's still not sleeping through the night. There's so much he's doing, I can't even think of all of name it, he tries it. He's a little mockingbird, he's a little comedian, and for the most part, he's just plain ornery! This morning, we sat around him and sang Happy Birthday. Well, when we started singing, he took off crawling away from us and then turned around and sat about 10 feet away and just smiled--like he was taking it all in. I think we may have scared him!
So, Landen, HAPPY FIRST BIRTHDAY! I love you SO much! You have truly been a blessing to me and your Daddy--I can't imagine life without you. You are the sweetest thing! You bring such joy to our lives with your laugh and smile. You have the whole family wrapped around your little finger. I just wish time would SLOW DOWN!


Erin said...

Happy Birthday Landen!!! It just doesn't seem possible!! I'm dreading Beau's birthday for all the same reason. Enjoy the day!!

Mom2Three said...

Happy Birthday Landen!! He is a cutie! Enjoy it, my baby will be 3 in a month! :(

SheWolf said...

Thanks girls! He's growing so fast....I would give anything for a big red button that stopped time!