Thursday, September 09, 2010


I am so far behind, so stressed, and so stretched thin these days! I literally feel like someone has knocked me off of my feet and thrown me flat on the ground. Where to start?
Well, let's see. First, my Mom has been sick for the past few months. Initially, it was just a mono diagnosis, but latest test results seem to signal something more. However, my Dad scared me to death the other day. He told me that they had found spots on my Mom's pancreas and other organs--I flipped! Pancreatic cancer is the absolute worst you can get--instant death sentence. I literally cried every single day. I was so worried--little things would trigger my crying spells. For example, my Mom has bought some tickets to a play around my birthday (in March) and when I remembered that, I instantly worried that she might not be here or if she was, would she be able to go? Then, someone made a comment about how my Mom has been watching Landen much lately and I got very defensive--I firmly let them know that she's sick, not a dead-beat grandma! However, I talked with my Mom the other day and my Dad had it ALL wrong--the spot is NOT on her pancreas and it doesn't appear to be anything life-threatening! PRAISE THE LORD!
Secondly, we have made a huge decision--we have put our house up for sale! Yes, we haven't lived here that long and we truly love where we live, but we have outgrown this house before we ever moved in. I desperately need an office for my work and I tried to make it work without one, but it is literally killing me! So, we have put the house on the market and when it sells, we plan to build a house across the street from Richie's parents. The land is absolutely gorgeous and such a great location! I am excited, but nervous and anxious at the same time. I really hope this process goes smoothly. I am not going to worry about all of the "when's", because I have already decided that is totally God's call, not mine. When it's time, we will definitely know it!
And finally, we have a vacation planned and I am in sheer panic about trying to pack and fly with an infant--almost makes my head spin! The whole baby bag, car seat, stroller, food, etc is going to be a logistical nightmare. Say a few prayers, and then say a few more!

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Tonia Hobbs said...

Hang in there girl! Re-group, Re-focus. . . meditate and have some quite time. You'll be back in that Sweet Spot in no time! Best Wishes with house & vacation. Praise the Lord about Mom!