Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Landen is 11 months!

This first year has been a complete blur with has passed so fast. I can't believe that next month when I post it will be his 1st birthday!
Here's a sneak peek at what the little guy has been up to this month....
He is developing such a personality. He knows what "NO" means and will even shake his head NO when you ask him questions or if he doesn't want to do something--a little scary that he is starting this so early! The other night when Richie was rocking him to sleep, Richie would say, "SSHHHH, Let's go night-night" and Landen would just look at him and shake his head NO. It was hilarious! He still doesn't sleep all night. Most nights he wakes up at 2 a.m. One night he woke up and without moving or opening his eyes, he stuck his hand out and felt around until he found his pacifier, stuck it in his mouth and went back to sleep for a little bit--very funny!
He has so many words and will try to say just about anything you say...he has a very baby version of I Love You! Very cute! Anything that his big brother and sister does, he tries to copy them.
He does have a horrible habit of slapping you in the face. We have been working on this, so now when you tell him no, he will just stick his hand up to your face and touch you lightly to see what you do--already testing the waters.
He LOVES to give kisses--very cute!!
When you feed him something he doesn't like, he makes an awful face and asks like he is "gagging". Very funny!
We are working on a "fist bump" right now--but he still hasn't gotten that concept quite yet. He is now crawling on all fours finally! He pulls up and switches from different pieces of furniture. He hasn't felt very good the past few days....very stinky diapers from a nasty stomach bug. But, we are getting in some sippy cup practice with the Pedialyte, so I guess there is a small positive in the situation.
Over the next few weeks, I am going to work on getting rid of his bottle and incorporating more finger foods into his meal. Right now, he eats sweet peas, cooked carrots, and corn from the table. He is still learning to like it--different texture and I'm sure the taste is different. He still eats baby food and since his belly has been upset the past few days, I am just feeding him whatever he will eat!
Landen, WE LOVE YOU!!

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