Sunday, September 19, 2010

Back from Oregon!

I just had the BEST week of my life last week! Richie and I spent the week in what has to be the absolute most gorgeous state in the continental US! Oregon is amazing and I have over 500 pictures to prove it! If you ever have a chance to go (heck, make a chance!), then you need to do it. Drive down Hwy 101 along the coast--you will stop every 5 minutes because the view, scenery, sounds, and weather are magnificent!
When I win the lottery, I'm moving there....but not until my kids are out of school. The lady at DSW shoes had NO idea where Arkansas was, so I am not impressed with the education! :) 8 days wasn't even enough to see everything we wanted to see. I was so worried when we left that we would be bored, but we ran out of time. We saw whales, sea lions, elk, squirrels, and a beautiful and details to come!

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