Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I'm Packin'....

I honestly never thought that this time last year I would be packing up the house! It still seems a little surreal, but I am so ready for what the future holds! I have been up to my ears packing, moving small loads, house plans, deed filing....you name it, I'm doing it. Add all of that stuff to working and 3 children and I am beyond worn out! I honestly think it was a lot easier to move while I was pregnant than with a 1 year old! Whatever I pack, he unpacks. Or, he adds toys to boxes I am packing--I am constantly dragging out random stuff he has thrown in the box!
We really have to try and get the majority of our stuff moved over the weekend and the weather forecast is NOT cooperating! Last look showed rain for this weekend...UGH. So, I am gonna take a day of vacation and try to get a head start on packing so that we can move as much as possible between now and then. So, if anyone wants free pizza--Call me!! All you have to do is grab a box and start packing/loading! :)

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