Saturday, November 06, 2010

Officially NON-Home Owners...for now!

Well, it's been a full 2 weeks since I have posted, but I have been up to my ears in moving. We closed on the sale of our home a little over a week ago and life has been nothing short of chaotic and messy since then! We are crammed in a little duplex on top of each other, literally. Kylie and Landen are sharing a bedroom, but we haven't set up the kids' bedrooms yet, so everything is such a mess! We have just put our mattress and box springs on the floor in our bedroom and the closet is SO small that I have two racks in our room and STILL have clothes on the floor. UGH. (Part of this may be due to the enormous amount of clothing I have, I will admit.) I am so ready to get organized, but I imagine that will happen about the time we are ready to move again! If all goes well, we should be able to start building in about a week! Yeah! I am so ready. I am so very thankful for God's timing and His push to put our house on the market in such a "non-marketable" time!

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