Saturday, November 06, 2010

Happy Halloween!

My kiddos LOVE Halloween and plan their costumes months in advance. Needless to say Weston had a hard time trying to figure out what he wanted to be. So, he settled for a Ninja and looked very cute! Landen was a snapping turtle--very fitting with the TWELVE teeth he has right now! And Kylie was Cruella de Vil and looked adorable! We went trick or treating with one of my friends and her daughter in our old neighborhood and it was SO busy! I have to admit I was glad I didn't live there and wasn't trying to get up to the top of the hill!

The Kiddos!
Weston the Ninja!
"You Know Who I Am? I'm Kylie Faith Cumbie dressed up as Cruella de Vil!" (Kylie's words to an ex-friend of ours when she knocked on their house and trick or treated them! It was HILARIOUS! Love that girl!
Landen the Snapping Turtle

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