Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Poetry for the Service

Tonight at the family visitation, my Uncle approached me and asked for a big favor. He had a poem that he really wanted someone to read at the funeral tomorrow. When everyone tried to think of who could get up and read it, I was their first choice. He told me, "if anyone can do this, it's you." I knew it would mean so much to him and I didn't hesitate to say yes. He was my grandma's oldest son and I wanted to make sure I did something special for him. Here's the poem. Please say a prayer I make it through the poem without crying!

Mothers Never Die--They Just Keep House Up In The Sky

When we are children, we are happy and gay
And our Mother is young and she laughs as we play.
Then as we grow up, she teaches us truth
And lays life's foundation in the days of our youth.
And then it is time for us to leave home
But her teachings go with us wherever we roam,
For all that she taught us and all that we did
When we were so often just a "bad little kid"
We will often remember and then realize
That mothers are special and wonderfully wise....
And as she grows older, we look back with love
Knowing that mothers are "gifts from above".
And when she "goes home" to receive her reward
She will dwell in God's kingdome and "keep house for the Lord"
Where she'll "light up" the stars that shine through the night.
And keep all the moonbeams "sparkling and bright".
And then with the dawn she'll put the darkness away
As she "scours" the sun to new brilliance each day.
So dry tears of sorrow, for Mothers don't die.
They just move in with God and "keep house in the sky".
And there in God's kingdom, Grandma watches from above
To welcome her children and loved ones with her undying love!

Such a sweet poem and great reminder that she has taken her place with the Lord. Thanks for the prayers and sweet words. They are so appreciated.

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