Saturday, November 20, 2010

Jars of Clay and Brandon Heath Concert

I should start all of my recent posts with "I know it's been awhile since I posted, but..." because I am so far behind and never seem to have the extra five minutes to post about stuff in our lives! Last week went to see Jars of Clay and Brandon Heath! Such a fun concert! My husband didn't particularly care for it, but that didn't keep me from loving it! Our tickets were VIP tickets which I didn't realize and so when I got the letter in the mail that we had backstage passes, I was tickled! Their backstage experience was a lot different than I had ever experienced before. They came in and spent about 20 minutes answering our questions and just talking and hanging out. Very neat! Then, they signed autographs. The only disappointing part was not getting our pictures with them. You could stay after the concert and do that, but at that point we had been there for 5 hours, so I knew my husband was starving and ready to get home. But I am so glad we had an evening to ourselves and I had the opportunity to see them! Brandon Heath was invited to Carrie Underwood's wedding to sing and he sang that song for us. It's called "Love Never Fails" and if you've never heard it, go to iTunes and listen! BEAUTIFUL song!

My pictures are loaded backwards--this was at the end of the concert!
Brandon Heath
3 of the 4 members of Jars of Clay--one of them was sick.

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