Saturday, November 20, 2010

Landen's 2nd Eye Surgery

Poor little guy, but the first eye surgery didn't work. They probed the tear duct, but it is so tight, that it didn't help. So, this time they went in and added a tube to hopefully help with the flow as well as "stretch" the duct area for the future. He'll keep it in for about 3 months and then they will go in and remove--that's if he doesn't rub/pull it out before then. So far, so good. You can see the tube if you get really, really close to him. Looks like a string in the corner of his eye. Otherwise, it's not noticeable. So, hopefully this works! My fingers are crossed!

This was before the surgery--the LONG wait you have until they take him. So hard when you are trying to entertain a one year old. He finally got tired of waiting and plopped down....for about 1 minute. Then he was back at it!
This was after they gave him the versed to relax him before they took him back (I asked her where my dose was!!). He isn't asleep, he couldn't hold his eyes open! He was like a little drunk--it was funny. He was still talking, etc, but this is what he looked like.

This was after we got home and he was eating a snack. Ignore the milk mouth. I took his picture to show the swelling. He was pretty miserable there....very cranky!

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