Thursday, June 05, 2008

Change of Plans

Well, I didn't go to Anaheim on Tuesday. In fact, the only place I went was to the hospital. My back has been bothering me for awhile, a LONG while, and I messed it up on Sunday. Well, Monday night, I finished off whatever it was I had messed up originally and I couldn't walk. I was screaming in pain Monday night when Richie was trying to lay me in bed. It was horrible. So, Tuesday the admitted me to the hospital in the hopes that an MRI would show what was wrong. They also did a CAT scan. Well, after a LOT of sitting and waiting the doctor FINALLY read the results. The MRI showed nothing. NOTHING. I was so upset. There is no way that NOTHING is wrong! However, the CAT scan showed a bilateral-spondololysis. I looked up information on it and it seems to be a big word for reinjuring an old injury. Which, the pain is in the same place as my old cheerleading injury. So, when the doctor comes back she concentrates on the fact that the MRI shows nothing and gives no credit to the CAT scan results. I was furious. She really had no idea what was wrong--but to give her a little bit a credit, she did forward me to a orthopedic specialist and a neurologist. Let's hope that we can finally get some answers and resolution!
I am home now and trying to just keep still and not move a lot.
Also, in other news--Weston broke his arm! He has a sub-periosteal fracture in his right arm. It only requires a sling for now--they are going to re-examine it 10 days.
We are one broken family!!

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