Monday, January 02, 2006

I'm A Goofy Goober Yeah!

Ok, sorry for the title...Weston is singing a new melody so graciously taught to him by Sponge Bob and it got stuck in my head.
Tomorrow is Weston's first day back to school since the Christmas Holiday and he is so excited! I remember the days when I looked forward to going to school.
We were discussing New Year's resolutions at work today trying to pinpoint the one that we would focus on. We were also discussing how it takes 21-28 days to develop a habit and that if we could just hang in there until February, then maybe we would be able to win the battle of the Re-resolution (by this I mean reusing the same one for the last 5 years because you can't make it past the first week).
I thought it would be fun to document the "Signs Of Our Times." Ok, it will have to be the very here and now, but it would at least be fun to look back in December 2006 on what was hot during the first of this year.
So, right now in the news....They still haven't made an arrest in Nona's murder. Also, the weather is EXTREMELY dry here while California is having mudslides.
On a personal level, I am starting class next Thursday while Kyle is in training. Also, it will be our 8 year anniversary this month! (Yes, for all of you curious readers, we will celebrate the 17th as the 2nd wedding date was purely arbitrary since the hurricane ruined the beach wedding). As for the kids....Kylie is a dancing fool shaking that booty whenever any music starts. Weston is loving school right now and starting to read.
On a work level, we are still searching for the 4th Biz Dev person....I wonder who it will be?
We are also gearing up for a big year for business and hope to really put our name out there-you know we are going mainstream!
Well, class starts next Thursday like I said previously. I have completed my Strengths Finder quiz in the book we are reading. It is called Now, Discover Your Strengths. So far, I love the book. My top 5 strengths were 1) Activator 2) Communication 3) Restorer 4) Strategic 5) Competition.
I peeked to the end of the book where it talks about how to manage people based on their various strenths. As I read the suggestions, I tried to apply them to me and how I would receive the management suggestions. I thought they were very practical and would love to have my strengths appreciated in the methods described. They also shunned concentrating on weaknesses and even viewed this as "damage control." Anyway, some good stuff. I think this class is going to be intriguing.
Well, it's fastly approaching 8 pm, the magical time when all good little children should be safely tucked into bed.
Sweet Dreams.

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