Wednesday, February 01, 2006

1 week later....

Well, I guess I didn't realize just how busy I have been lately! It has been a week since my last blog...let's see what all have I accomplished in the last week.....
Well, for starters my taxes are done! Yes, done! I e-filed today and hope to get that big 'ole check in a week and half or so...Woo Hoo! We are 1 step closer to building that house!
The bible study (40 Days of Community) is still going fact, I totally enjoyed last week's sermon in regards to the things that devastate a relationship-that's another blog in itself, but let's just say it was refreshing to hear it.
Well, this weekend is Super Bowl Sunday...and I have no clue who is even playing! :) But hey, the Super Bowl isn't for the football, it's for the food, the commercials, and socializing with friends.
Ok, well better get back to the evening...Kyle is on my case.
For now,

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