Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Further and Further Apart

Well, it seems I am running about a week apart on my blogs, but things have just been so busy! First of all, I am officially back in the BUNCO swing....a group of friends and I started our own Bunco and kick off is this Friday night. I can't wait. We have such an awesome group of girls that are going to play, so I think there will be great times ahead! I am so excited....not like I don't have enough already going, but I can always make time to socialize!
I got another new CD last night. It is Dierks Bentley's new CD and I love it. My reason for buying it was for the song "Settle For A Slowdown," however all the songs are great. I love the very last one as well. The reason behind purchasing this CD was because I won a bet with Kyle. I picked the winning team for the Super Bowl which entitled me to 2 CD's. Well, I felt bad that Kyle's team did get the shaft on a few calls, so I split the prize with him.
Well, that's all for the time being....back to the grind.

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