Thursday, February 16, 2006

Conclusion...The End

What goes around comes around....the full circle...the return to yesterday, the reality of tomorrow...where it all started....the end of the beginning and the beginning of the end.
I guess this has been the "theme" of this week for me. And it is probably the theme in Mr. Skilling's and Mr. Lay's and many others' lives right now (former big-wig executives of Enron) as they stand trial for their part in the deception at Enron.
In class this evening, we watched segments from a documentary on the fall of Enron. What a sad, sad story of manipulation, greed, and the overwhelming desire for more. It is amazing that with the technology and regulations in place today, a company was able to fool the world into believing they were making money.

Here's the two points I learned from this:

1) When a company starts taking away the freebies such as coffee, paper cups, etc that were a norm in the office place, things are starting to go bad (I probably learned this more from the Worldcom stuff than Enron, but hey, it's a glaring statement that money is tight!)
2) When the CEO, CFO, and any other C_O divorces their wives and marries their secretaries, they feel inconquerable, powerful, and "King of the Hill".....because a man who values the stability in his life would not trade it for an illusion. The leading men of Enron were fearless, yet careless. They craved MORE of everything, yet more of the wrong things. More power, more money, more control. They did not care who they hurt in the process, for they were self-centered and self-serving.

Anyway, just my thoughts on this. My heart aches for the employees of Enron for they lost everything they had. And their everything was a drop in the bucket to what these men were earning in a week. There is nothing wrong with bettering your life, except when it is at the expense of others.

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