Friday, February 17, 2006

Trips, Trips, and More Trips

Well, I am going to have to find some new luggage because of all of the upcoming trips for work (and 1 for pleasure)!
First stop, NASCAR race in March at the Atlanta Motor Speedway in Georgia. It should be lots and lots of fun....We are going to have a booth on exhibit at the race and hope to have the driver we are sponsoring stop by the booth for autographs, etc.
Next stop, Orlando, FL in April for a conference. I haven't been to Orlando in awhile and although I won't have a lot of extra time, it will still be a nice time of the year to see Florida and maybe doing a little sight-seeing in my free time.
From there, it's Nashville, TN in May for another conference. Believe it or not, I have never been to Nashville and I am looking forward to going! I am going a few days early and Kyle is meeting me there so that we can go to the Opry and tour Music Row, etc. It should be a great time!
Just a few weeks after that is VACATION! Kyle, the kids, and I along with my parents, my brother and two of his friends are going to sunny Cancun, Mexico for a little golf, swimming, sun, and relaxation. I must say this trip will feel different from the last time I was there for a few reasons. The most obvious being that the kids and Kyle weren't there last time. It'll be good to make some new memories down there!
After that, it is Washington, DC in June where I have yet another conference. I am pumped about this conference though because Colin Powell will be speaking! What a once in a lifetime opportunity! This is definitely my year for rubbing shoulders with some famous people.
So, I have been at frantically searching for some new luggage....I found an adorable hot pink set for a great price that I may just have to buy mainly because it will definitely be easier to find at the airport.
Well, it's the weekend and I have TONS to do, so I am going to get this weekend started!
Have a great winter weekend!

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