Tuesday, February 28, 2006

The Birthday Countdown

Well, as February winds down, thus starts the official birthday countdown for me! Ok, so only 10 more days....for those of you who are countdown-challenged, my birthday falls on March 9th. It's funny that I can still get excited about birthdays at my age. I guess because I know that in a couple of years, I will officially QUIT celebrating!
I got my annual review today from my boss. Why is it that we dread something so trivial? Is it the criticism or having your shortcomings staring you in the face? I always dread the month of February until I finally get the review. Then, I think, "Wow, that wasn't bad!" So, now it's over and it'll be a year before I have to deal with one again!
Our last day of class is this Thursday. We have to give our final presentation over our team project. I am glad to see the class coming to an end--it signifies completion. However, I am afraid the next class will kick my tail! I must admit though, the class has been fun and I have learned a lot during the last 8 weeks.
Well, I have a ton of work to do (as usual), so since my blog isn't bringing home the bacon, I guess I better sign out for now.
Til the next post,


thirty-something said...

That is funny that you still look forward to b-days. I sure don't! I just know all this is going downhill......

You gotta read my blog from today.

I asked Greg about your logo and he said you wanted a lot of stuff on it or something like that and it isn't coming together very easily.

Faithful said...

Sorry I haven't gotten a chance to read your blog yet....you know me busy, busy, busy! I will do it now.