Saturday, March 04, 2006

One Class Down...

Well, Thursday night was the last night of my 1st class towards my Masters' degree. I tried to login and see what my grade was, but I left my password at home to the online grading server. Oh well, guess I will find out Monday. I am hoping we got a good grade on our team presentation and I really hoping I ended up with an A. My next class immediately starts next Thursday, so we get right back to it! That's probably for the better. I can get it out of the way faster! I also found out this week that I get to attend the Corporate Seminar in April that will also give me 3 hours of credit. I heard it is very good, so I was glad that space became available.
We had our second Bunco night last night. It was good time and great food! Kelley is a great cook. I am going to have to start thinking now about what meal I want to cook.
Well, the Growing Kids sale is next week, so I need to get busy tagging all of my clothes and go pick up my barcodes. I only have today to knock out as much as I can and since they require it ironed and perfect, it'll take me all day!

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