Friday, March 31, 2006

Define Sibling

Sibling: a person to antagonize, irritate, pick fights with, and join forces with in driving your parents to insanity.
I have decided my kids have this bet long will it take to push Mom off the deep end? I can hear Weston now...."Kylie I bet you 2 rolls of Smarties that I can push Mom over the edge before you can!" To which Kylie retaliates, "Well, I bet you Yoda, Darth Vader, and General Grievious that I can do it first!"
They have spent 2/3 of the day constantly bickering and picking at each other. When they aren't fighting, they are whining/crying. AAAHH! I am sure that my nerves are gone...shot.
What should be a pleasant drive to Tulsa (the kids even have a movie going in the car to entertain them), turns into an irritable drive to Crazyville for me. I am sure the lack of a nap and confinement in a 4 -door car doesn't help, but sheesh.
Or there is another way to look at this situation...I am getting old. I am turning into Mrs. Roush, the old next door neighbor who chases little kids away with a broom yelling, "I don't have time for this!" (What else is she going to do? She's retired. She's 80 years old. She's got the rest of her life...she just doesn't have patience--like me!)
So because of the above described more kids. Two is enough. After that, we, as parents, would be outnumbered.
I am PRAYING, no begging, that our visit to PF Chang's this evening will be pleasant, enjoyable and worth the wait....otherwise I GIVE!
Well, next week is the Milestone Seminar for school...wish me luck. But before I can even get there, I still have to write that 8 page paper over the book that I still need to finish. I am ready for it to be over--I think it will be enjoyable and probably educational, but it is overwhelming me right now. I went to class last night and we ended up leaving early because of a storm that came through....and I was even ready to learn! Which all that means is that he will definitely keep us until 10 pm next week.
Well, Karla and Billy are home with a new puppy! It is a 1 lb Chihuahua...too cute.
Well, I am ready to go eat.

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