Saturday, March 25, 2006

My Life Is Complete...The Proof is in the Picture!

Well, I made it to the concert and I got to meet Joe Don! Woo Hoo! I was pleasantly surprised at how nice and down-to-earth these guys are....they really like meeting with the fans! Joe Don was very nice and made a point to talk to each person....
When it was my turn, I was dumbfounded as expected. I told myself I wasn't going to be nervous, but how can you not be when they give you 5 seconds to snap a picture and your idol is standing next to you! The first thing that came to mind to say was, "How are you?" Wow, brilliant...poetic! But the guys are calm and do this all the time, so Joe Don replied, "VERY good!" I was thinking, "Yeah me too right now!!!!" After they took the picture Joe Don said, "Have fun tonight!" Hey, this girl will have nothing but fun! The concert was great also-we had great seats on the end up against the stage once again and I got to shake his hand at the end of the concert as well! It was a blast! I think Kyle's favorite part was eating at Johnny Carino's though! :) That's OK, he was so nice about the whole thing-he even lifted me up at the end to make sure Joe Don shook my hand! Kyle is one of a kind...most guys would be jealous their girlfriends are drooling over another guy! But he knows where my heart is! :)
As predicted, the line was made up of many young girls! That was no surprise, however I was surprised by their lack of clothing! I guess that is the Mom in me starting to come out! I mean, it was 40 degrees outside and they had on mini-skirts!
Well, we didn't go to the Amish farm to eat. Long story....actually rather short, but it's probably not best to go into the details. Instead, we went to the Air Show which was fun...except the 1 1/2 hour bus ride that covered 2 miles. There were a TON of people there!
Well, it's Saturday night which means it's poker night! See ya!


thirty-something said...

Look at you! How fun for ya. And those younger girls have nothing on you!!!

Faithful said...

It was awesome!