Wednesday, March 29, 2006

The Point to Apologizing

Well, I got a phone call today from the person discussed yesterday apologizing for her shortness and, it was very forced. Don't people know the point in apologizing? I sincerely hope that I can live up to a goal of mine for a long time-when you are sorry, say so. Saying "I'm Sorry" can do so much for a relationship...but saying it under the wrong pretense can only hurt one even more. I know that there were many times I needed to hear those two words from people in my life. And there were many times I should have said it myself. But apologizing "just because" is worthless.
An apology should be given without pride and in the utmost humble way. With pride, the apology is hollow. Without humbleness, the apology loses all meaning. It's all about delivery. Don't bother if you don't mean you honestly think forcing an apology on someone will do any good?
It's OK though, my happiness isn't measured by someone else's acceptance.

1 comment:

thirty-something said...

She sounds like a real hag.

I agree that you do need to s-l-o-w--d-o-w-n....later.