Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Settle For A Slowdown

I would settle for some sort of slowdown right now...it seems like everything is so fast-paced right now. We are heading to Karla and Billy's this weekend. I have a corporate seminar for which an 8 page paper is due 3 days next week, then if all is well, we hope to head to Dallas for the NASCAR race next weekend. The following weekend, we have a motorcycle ride with the church as well as it is Easter weekend. OH! I forgot the other class I am taking which meets for 4 hours every Thursday night...WHEW! Ok, I am tired thinking about all of it!
So, I decided to practice what everyone has been preaching to me and say no sometimes. Well, the Children's Director at our church called and asked, yes asked if I would be willing to work the Sunday School class that Kylie is in. I knew the question was coming since they have so many kids and the other Director has resigned. However, I know where I am at right now in life and I know I need to be in church and Sunday School. So, I told her my feelings in a very polite way....and she got ugly. About the time I was being guilted into just doing it, I pointed out 3 conferences for work that I will be attending and wanted to make sure she knew those dates so that I wasn't scheduled to work at the same time. Well, she got hateful, did a "Thanks but no thanks" routine and hung up. Oh well! Too many times I have spent my life pleasing those around me that I have sacrificed some memories and I just can't do it anymore. I need to remember those that matter the most-me, my husband, and my kids so that nothing comes before them. I know it was a simple request that involved a once a month rotation, but it was more of the point of being where I need to be. If that involves hacking a few people off every now and then, so be it. I would hope they would understand. It's not personal, it's just necessary. Because, I know if it were up to them, they would do the same thing.
So, with that being said and in the words of SHEDAISY, "I'm taking the wheel!"
On a lighter note, my professor from the last class sent me pictures from Base Camp where we climbed the Alpine Tower. So that the pictures stay with the appropriate text, I have updated that post "Climbing the Alpine Tower" to include a picture...check it out! It is under Archives in the February 2006 folder on the lower right-hand side of this page.

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