Sunday, February 19, 2006

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Me: Hey, I'm home....
Kyle: Guess what your daughter did today?
Me: HHMMM, well, I am sure it involved attitude if it came from her.
Kyle: Yes, today she _________ (fill in blank based on date with kicked, bit, fussed, shook her booty)
Me: Great, do I need to call Tina tomorrow?
Kyle: Probably so.
Me: So, she at least has a spot at the daycare, right?
Kyle: Yes, for now. How was your day?
Me: Fine, long though.
Kyle: Anything interesting?
Me: Hang on, I'll write in my blog and you can read about it.

That's pretty much how I communicate my daily activities with my husband...I write that night and he reads my blog the next morning. I have to say it has been a blessing in our marriage. A blessing you say? Yes, a blessing. He feels like he knows how I am doing and what's going on!
I am sure Dr. Phil would have a different perception about our communication techniques, but I say, whatever works!

Kyle got invited over to some friend's house today with about 10 other men to watch the NASCAR race. He was pretty excited I think to have a day of rest and hanging out after an 8.5 hour work day yesterday due to the weather. I am just excited it is still the weekend! It seems the week gets longer and the weekend gets shorter as time goes by.

Oh, here's an exciting change....the gate opener is officially installed. However, we are experiencing technical difficulties due to the weather, but I must say... PROGRESS!

Well, it's lunchtime, I'm hungry and I have a ton of homework and work-work to do. Plus I would like to catch up in my 40 Days of Community book as well.

Kyle, I will be home after work tomorrow (Monday) after I stop by the gym to work out, so I will see you around 6. Anything is fine for dinner with me. Love ya!

Til the next post,


thirty-something said...

What would you do if you only worked your 40 hour week of work? Hmmm. You wear me out just reading your schedule.
I'm glad you got your gate opener installed!!!!

Faithful said...

If I only worked my 40 hour work week, I would be totally and completely bored! :)

thirty-something said...

hee hee....hey. I changed my blog a bit and I'll try to write more now. check it out!
love ya!

Faithful said...

I'll have to check it out! You need to keep it up because you have a link to your blog on here!