Wednesday, February 22, 2006

The Candy Police

Well, breaking Kylie's candy addiction hasn't been so easy. Do they make detox clinics for 3 year old Tootsie roll abusers? This weekend we had about 3 incidents on Saturday and 3 again on Sunday with her sneaking candy in her room and eating it.
The first occurred at approximately 9:00 a.m. when the suspect (Kylie) was caught with jumbo sized Smarties hidden in her bed covers. When questioned, she denied any involvement and said the evidence didn't belong to her.

Me: Kylie, where did this candy come from?
Kylie: I dunno Mommy. It's not mine, it's Weston's.
Me: Why would Weston be hiding candy in your bed?
Kylie: Because. (Classic guilty look with hands behind back and eyes looking everywhere except at me)

So, I disciplined her, threw away the candy and thought, well, this isn't easy, but I am glad she has learned to not eat the candy. Well, less than an hour later as I was brushing my teeth, I hear very quick footsteps heading toward the pantry....I looked out the bathroom to see the suspect disposing of the remaining evidence that must have been hidden in her room that I had not found. So, I again reprimanded her, however I guess it just doesn't matter when you crave something so badly because that evening she was caught red-handed....or should I say chocolate-handed! The suspect had been put to bed and I was finishing up some last minute chores before turning in, when she comes out of her room with a chocolate goatee. I immediately asked her what she had done and she pulls her hand out from behind her back to reveal a mess. Her hand was completely coated in melted chocolate! It was as if the addiction overcame her so quickly that she had fiercely unwrapped the candy and crammed it into her mouth! The child is going to be completely toothless by age 4! Not to mention, we will never get to build a house...we will be building a new mouth for her!
Well, it's late as usual and I am depressed after paying bills for the last hour and just thinking about the upcoming dental bills! So, see ya at the next candy raid!


thirty-something said...

How funny...goatee!!!!
I know how it is with the dental bills. I went to the dentist a while back and the estimate was outrageous. But Greg told me not to worry. I just went to the dentist and did one thing at a time. That way it didn't wipe me out clean of my money. Maybe you'll get to do the same. Are those permanent teeth she's having fixed?

Faithful said...

No, they aren't permanent teeth thank goodness!
I think we are fixing them in at least 2 different appointments, so hopefully I won't have a huge dental bill all at once.
It's still more than I want to pay. I just paid her ER visit from New Year's Day when she was so sick. Even with insurance the health bills are huge!