Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Snow Day #2...Big Kids Style!

So, after two days of being couped up in our little duplex trying to study and keep kiddos entertained and out of my hair, I decided that I would load them up and let them sled over at my grandparents house.  They had SO much fun!  I took a break and was able to grab a few pictures, however Landen went down the hill on a little sled as well and I was inside studying at the time, so I missed it! :(
The snow was so powdery that the kids had to "make" a slide down the hill!

It was a LITTLE difficult at first! Kylie had a hard time getting going!

Here we go!!

The next adventure was sledding by the 4-wheeler!

Weston's turn--he was a little timid at first, but he did enjoy it.  He had a wreck and I was so proud because he got up and got back on.  He told me later, "Mom, I just remembered the TobyMac song "Get Back Up" and I decided to do that!" CUTE!

Some cool kiddos!

Behind the 4-wheeler

Kylie did a face plant while behind the 4-wheeler.  Wish I had had the video camera handy!

My Papaw decided to try out the snow scooter.  This is him right before he crashed in the snow!

And not to be outdone by the kids, Papaw got on the little sleds as well.  But, he cracked it the first time down!
The kids had such a great time! I am very glad they had an opportunity to play in the snow--something to remember when they are sitting in class in June!

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