Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Icy Snow Day!

I am actually glad we had a snow day today! It gave Weston another day to get better.  And he seems so much better!  Landen however started feeling bad last night.  He had a severe case of diarrhea and I just knew he was going to be the next flu victim.  But he never ran fever, never got a cough, and never acted like he felt the least bit sick.  He just had horrible diapers. So, the snow day helped buy me time off of work to keep him home to make sure he wasn't contagious before going  back over to the babysitter's house!
Weston told me something today that just broke my heart for him.  He said that someone asked him about his new house and he told them all about it and when he told him about his new room, they informed him that they had had a room like that and hated it! He wouldn't tell me who said it--just that it wasn't a kid, but it broke my heart for him.  He has been SO excited about his new house and new room and to think someone would be so mean as to say that about something he is excited about really hurts me for him.  People can be so rude though! I just told him that all that matters is what he thinks and that he shouldn't let people decide for him what he likes!

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Laura said...

Tara, Im sorry that someone hurt Weston. He's such a kind hearted kid and I know he took that to heart. It's sad that an adult feels they can feel good about something like that. I've learned over the last year that someone that wants to judge anothers life needs to take a look at their own. It usually explains it all. And it just shows what a great kid he is that he won't tell u who it was. God will take care of it. I promise. :0) just reassure him that he should be proud of his new house bc it is his and he is all that matters!