Sunday, March 06, 2011


I haven't posted in awhile about Landen and how much he is changing.  I can't even tell you how many words he can say because he says almost everything.  He has even gotten to the point of combing two and three words!  He has quite the vocabulary and personality to match.  The other day though was the cutest thing.  I turned on the TV and flipped over to Sesame Street for something for him to watch while I got ready.  He has never watched Sesame Street at home.  I didn't say anything except, "do you want to watch some cartoons?" When he looked up and saw the TV, he yelled "ELMO"!!! It was so cute! I know that's not much for anyone else, but for him to recognize and say it was adorable.  I immediately texted the babysitter and she said they watch it there.  I couldn't figure out how he knew who Elmo was!
He is changing so much lately--definitely more the toddler type now!  He loves saying, "noooooo" and dragging it out.  And he means it too! He is learning how to throw little tantrums--all a part of that terrible two's that is about to come!
Overall though, he is a great little guy!  He has such a sweet personality and is very social. Richie and I were just talking about how outgoing he is and how he is the life of the party! He is definitely the "baby" of the family with all the attention he gets!

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