Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Kickin' The Bucket....List!

Now that I have the 5k thing down, I decided to go to the next level--oh, heck, skip the next level! Laura and I are doing a 1/2 marathon this weekend!!! Saturday morning, I will spend my morning trying to find a way to make it 13.1 miles! I know there is no way I can run the whole thing--haven't ever tried and it's hard enough to make it the 5k amount for me. But, I am going to try run/walk a mixture through the course.  It's not about time for me at all, just completion at this point.  I just want to be able to say I DID IT at the end of the day!
Here's to the race Saturday (and the hopes I can walk the next day)!!


Small Town Girl said...

I have faith in you!! I know you got this..Can't wait for the post saying you made it!!

Jen S. said...

Yae! I think it's great :) I hope you have a fun time at the run/walk. WAY TO GO!