Tuesday, July 25, 2006


Well, I had my 4th of 5th golf lessons this evening! What a hoot...I don't know that I am getting any better, just getting more and more practice at being awful! So, we start out practicing in the sand. That really wasn't that bad. Afterwards, we head back to the driving range. Well, my 2nd ball hits the girl next to me! I was so embarrassed and felt horrible. She was fine--it hit her knee, but still my intentions were to improve by taking lessons and not to injure someone! A girl I met in class invited me over for a swim party tomorrow evening, so hopefully that will be a nice relaxing evening. Kylie's swimming lessons are going well also. She's getting more comfortable in the water, so that's a huge step!
Well, we are in the midst of planning Miss Kylie's 4th birthday party. It looks like it is going to be a "Supergirl Swim Party"....should be loads of fun now that both kids are enjoying the pool. Weston even went underwater Sunday and was really trying hard to swim. He is determined to learn--I am SO proud of him!

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