Sunday, July 23, 2006

Dallas Visit-Friday Night

Well, we are back from our Dallas visit--two awesome concerts! We had such a blast Friday night at Faith and Tim. Our seats were great and they gave a great performance--only bad thing is that when they get so big, they can't sing all of their hits, so you don't get to hear all of the faves, but their duets were great! They even sang a couple of duets that are not recorded, so that was an awesome treat. We got to Greg and Carrie's house Friday about 6 pm, so it was major rush-rush to get downtown to the concert! We were floored at the cost of drinks--$7 per beer! GEEZ! When you consider the tickets were $85 each, and it was $10 to park, plus snacks/drinks, it really makes going to a concert almost impossible anymore! This picture is actually from Saturday night after all of the concerts were over--don't we look exhausted??
For some reason, my Tim and Faith pic wouldn't upload?

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