Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Joinin' the Gym

Well, I found a new home to fix my poor body....Kyle and I joined the gym. It's a little hefty in the price tag, but there's tons to do and we hope to get some results. I hope to at least stop the cellulite from creeping any further down my legs!
I am supposed to get my grade for my last class today, but no such luck. Hopefully, he'll have them posted tomorrow. I am anxious to see the damage!
We are down to 8 puppies and they are going fast. Some of those are spoken for, but I don't count them gone until they are officially leaving with new owners. We put an ad in the paper, so hopefully that'll get rid of the last of the bunch.
I'm sleepy tonight...working out did me in!


thirty-something said...

What the heck girl?!! You are so small already. I bet you think I'm some sort of cow or something if you think you're out of shape!! : D


Faithful said...

Ok small doesn't equal in shape...I have my fair share of issues, TRUST ME! :)