Friday, August 04, 2006

Research and Statistics

Well, this class is officially the worst one yet! I cannot stand Research and Statistics! I stink at stats--remember, I am an English major!!! The research wouldn't be bad except that this class is only 6 weeks long and the first four have been spent with my nose buried in the stats book! I have to seriously get cracking on this stuff (however, here I am blogging away, huh?) .
Oh well, just pray for me....I need to get this stuff done and soon. But Kylie had Morgan's birthday party tonight, tomorrow night is bowling night. Tomorrow morning I am supposed to take Laurie's bridal portraits as well. Sunday is Carrie's swim party. Tuesday night is Emma's birthday party as well as Kyle's mom's birthday. Next weekend is Bunco on Friday night and Kylie's birthday party on Saturday and Jordan's birthday on Sunday!
Ok, enough of that--it's making my head spin.
Kylie is going to take dance lessons this fall...we are hoping to break her of her "shake a booty" moves and replace them with more graceful (and appropriate) dance moves. She doesn't really know yet that she's taking dance lessons yet...that's party of the birthday surprise. She's also getting a little set of golf clubs. They are SO cute and tiny! Weston's lessons are still going alright--he just doesn't pay attention very well. He has his head in the clouds most of the time.
Well, we are at Robert and Kim's house visiting, so I should probably go and be social--I am just trying to do 2 things at once because at this point, this is the only way I will get anything done!

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