Thursday, August 17, 2006


Well, I can honestly say I did not want this day to come, but it's here! I am officially finished with my paper and presentation and I am ready to just get this day over with. Amanda and I are meeting at Starbucks and heading up north right after work (we have to go to the campus for this class for some reason instead of FS campus). So, pray for me that all goes well!
Well, yesterday was Kylie's birthday! We went to eat last night at Red Lobster (her choice) and she ate so good! She had a great time and made us sing Happy Birthday to her at the restaurant. Poor kid, I forgot the candles at her swim party the other night, then the cake they brought out last night didn't have a candle, so for her 4th birthday, she didn't get to blow out a single candle!
Here's a picture of Kay Lynn and I yesterday at her 40th birthday bash at work!
On another note, I am totally bummed out-Windfall was not picked up for the fall, so the last episodes are this month! :( I loved that show (or maybe I just loved 1 hour of doing nothing??)
Anyway, I am sad!!!

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