Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Matters of the Heart

Well, we are back from Little Rock. Jim had a catheter ran to his heart to see if there was any way around the aneurysm to deal with the blockage in his heart. The doctor was considering putting in a stent through the aneurysm but warned us last week that the procedure is very risky (in terms of life and death). So, we approached today with fear and uncertainty. Because we knew that if they couldn't put the stent in, then that meant there wasn't much they could do. About an hour into the procedure of taking pictures and contemplating how to deal with the aneurysm, the doctor stopped and called us in a room. He told us he just didn't feel confident about proceeding with the aneurysm issue and felt that we had only 2 choices left. He could continue the medication or he can have a quadruple-bypass surgery. He has chosen the surgery knowing that is his only hope of feeling better. So, we will head back to Little Rock next week for his surgery. We are happy with this prognosis because we brought him home safely and we have hope of some help for him! So, pray that the surgery goes well and that he finally feels some relief.
I also started my class tonight. We headed back from LR as soon as we knew the situation in time for me to make class. This class is definitely "touchy-feely" which is a nice and welcomed change to the previous ones this summer. The books we are reading are great--filled with awesome information to draw both personal and professional reflection.
I was going to attach a picture of the kids on the first day of school, but as you will see it's not here. Why? Because in my efforts to be quiet and not turn on tons of lights when I got in from class at 10:30 pm, I stuck the disc from my little camera into the slot where the big camera's discs go! I got Kyle out of bed and he tried for 10 minutes with a plastic butter knife to fish it out and it ended up falling further into the computer! So, hopefully my Uncle can take the computer apart and retrieve the disc...I am such a nerd. When we get the disc out, I'll put a 1st day of school picture on here!
I'm tired, so that's a wrap for tonight.

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