Saturday, August 26, 2006

White Wedding

Well, today is Laurie and Lionel's wedding! I'm the official photographer and I am so nervous about these pictures--they are indoors and that is my weakness. But, I am not going to sweat it. I will just take all my disks and snap as many pictures as possible! So, pray that my batteries don't die, my camera works, and that I don't trip and fall with all of the walking backwards that I will be doing! :)
I'll be sure and post a pic of the new happy couple after today.
Tonight is a cookout at Robert/Kim's house. Robert is starting a labor-intensive job on Monday and we don't really know the next time we'll see him! So, we are going to send him out with a bang! (Ok, actually burgers and hot dogs, but hey!)
Tomorrow we are going to see Barnyard..."It's a cow farm, there's gonna be cows outside!" The kids are excited. This is actually Karla and Billy's belated birthday gift to Kylie since they couldn't make it to the party a couple of weeks ago.
And now for the greatest news of all!!!! WE GOT A NEW CAMPER! And let me just say this thing is awesome--even nicer than the barn (I know the standards are low on that!). It's a 38 foot 5th wheel with slides and it is absolutely beautiful. We hope to get to go camping within the next few weeks in it. I am absolutely pumped! I was really, really wanting it, but it was pretty expensive, so I didn't really know if we could pull it off or not. But it all worked out in the end and we ended up with a great camper at an AWESOME deal. Thanks Mom and Dad! As soon as we get it up here, I put some pictures of it on here to show it off--we are ready for the lake now!

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