Monday, August 28, 2006

Visit to the ER

Well, Kyle called me around 3:30 saying that Jim had had a heart attack and the ambulance was on its way to my parents' house. Scared me to death! So, I jumped up, ran upstairs and grabbed Jordan and we headed to the hospital. We actually beat the ambulance there. Jim and Mom arrived in the ambulance 20 minutes later. He's doing fine right now. They are going to keep him overnight, then tomorrow try and determine a way to get him to Little Rock to have his quadruple bypass. They still aren't performing the surgery until Thursday, but they need to get him there so that they can do the blood work, etc the day before the surgery. Anyway, he was talking when I left the hospital this evening, but he's tired and sore. I just pray that this surgery heals him on Thursday. He is not himself at all.
So, we've had an eventful evening so far. I still need to study for my quiz tomorrow and answer my discussion question, so I am going to keep this short. Please pray for Jim and that he has a successful surgery on Thursday and makes a speedy recovery. I know he is ready to feel better.

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