Sunday, August 13, 2006

Kylie's Birthday Party

Well, last night was a huge success and the kids had a ball! There were about 10 kids there to swim and Kylie and her friends had such a great time. The party started with swimming and sliding down the water slide. Kobe went down the slide! He is getting so brave...the swim lessons really paid off. Then, Kylie opened some presents and ate cake/ice cream. Perhaps the most hilarious part of the evening is when one of the little guys dropped his pants and peed about 3 feet from where Kylie was opening presents. He just faced the crowd, dropped trout and peed right in the grass that led to the swimming pool! We were all cracking up! The kid never missed a beat--I don't think he realized that everyone was laughing at him! That was definitely a moment for Funniest Videos! Kylie got tons of great presents--dance clothes and shoes, golf clubs, new school clothes, and of course some Bratz! She thinks she is already 4--she doesn't understand that she still hasn't made it to her birthday. I am going to try and take her birthday pictures sometime this week, but this week is going to be extremely busy. Tomorrow night my Grandma is cooking dinner before Alyssa, Chad, and Jordan start college. Alyssa and Chad are moving on Friday to school. We will miss them! I can't believe they are old enough for college-I remember when I changed all of their diapers (wow, I just told my age!). Tuesday night is Meet the Teacher for Weston. Wednesday is Kylie's actual birthday and we plan to take her to dinner. Thursday is the dreaded day--my research paper is due. Plus, Kylie's Meet the Teacher is that night. I hate that I will miss it! This weekend we are headed to the Blues Fest--we had such a blast last year. We plan to get a hotel room to avoid the dreaded drive home. Karla and Billy are coming as well.
Oh, never underestimate the power of a blog--we have a 2nd gate up! No more torn up fence. Now, for the opener... :)
Well, it's late and tomorrow is just another "Manic Monday"!

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