Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Dog Whisperer

We all have our job hazards. My job hazards would include carpel tunnel syndrome, eye fatigue, headaches, depression.....well, I could go on. However, my husband's job hazards are very similar to the postman's job hazards. You see, he goes into the yards of customers to perform various technical maintenance responsibilities on their telephone lines. However, today he was met with hostility. Not by the owner, but by her precious 6 Jack Russell Terriers who obviously considered him a threat. Well, they proceeded to rip up his clothes and bite him a few times before he finally was able to get free. I can see it now....the tall guy standing in the yard shaking his leg profusely trying to detach the little bratty dog that refuses to let go! Ok, sorry Kyle, I know it's not funny! :) He finally broke free and went back to the office where they bandaged him up. Now, we just wait to see if the Rabies sets in....
Anyway, it's enough to make me stick to my desk job. Hey, I couldn't stand it if they chewed up the BCBG heels! :)

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